Taburete 8
Year: 2021 Produced by HAY since 2024.
Prototype height 60cm in china red.
Taburete 8 is the final piece and the peak of the Familia 8 collection, which began with the chair: Silla 8.
It features a simple metal structure made from standard sections, with just a piece of plywood serving as the seat. This plywood piece curves once it is placed in position under pressure. What I like most about this stool is that it would be difficult to change or remove anything from it, since it's been optimized to the fullest.
Prototype made of wooden structure
Family 8
Red and oak 65cm height.
White and oak 75cm height.
Black and black oak 75cm height.
Red and oak 75cm height.
Green and oak 65cm height.
Black and black oak 65cm height.
Green and oak 75cm height.
Year: 2019, for Pepi de Boissieu.
Pepi's kitchen is a very easy and very difficult exercise. As a food designer, her kitchen is her sanctuary, and almost unintentionally, that's how it turned out. It's a kitchen based on conversations, where the content and the container form a better team than ever.
It's very green, very solid wood (beech mostly) and for some reason, not sought after, it kindly reminds us of the interior of a ship.