Taburete 8
Year: 2021 Produced by HAY since 2024.
Prototype height 60cm in china red.
Taburete 8 is the final piece and the peak of the Familia 8 collection, which began with the chair: Silla 8.
It features a simple metal structure made from standard sections, with just a piece of plywood serving as the seat. This plywood piece curves once it is placed in position under pressure. What I like most about this stool is that it would be difficult to change or remove anything from it, since it's been optimized to the fullest.
Prototype made of wooden structure
Family 8
Red and oak 65cm height.
White and oak 75cm height.
Black and black oak 75cm height.
Red and oak 75cm height.
Green and oak 65cm height.
Black and black oak 65cm height.
Green and oak 75cm height.
Designed in 2016 Produced by AOO from 2016 to 2020. Since then, available on demand
Two heights: 60 and 75cm
Toro is a solid wood stool, particularly stable.
Delta edition made of wengue
Silla 8
First Silla 8 prototype ever
The first rough pre-series of 6 units of Silla 8 was the Tregebov, as it was commissioned by Pablo Tregebov upon seeing the first prototype
Silla 8 is the result of an exercise in which flat plywood sheets are curved under pressure and in a simple way (without machinery), using different structures as support. Instantly and without molds, this process generates what end up being seats and backrests.
The resulting pieces consist of two frames joined together and stripped of any decorative element. Together with the backrest and seat, they create a comfortable, light, and uniquely designed chair.
The final version is made of solid koto wood and poplar plywood, making it ultralight.
Silla 8 Natural
Silla 8 Tregebov
Silla 8 Natural Brazos
Silla 8 prototypes
To enhance its visual uniqueness, I collaborated with the artist Claudia Valsells, with whom we developed a series of color combinations that reflect her exploration of beauty. The chair conveys the tactile nature of the artwork through the palette; because what can be touched is tangible and brings us closer to its reality.
Each chair is painted in more than one color to emphasize the meaning of each when contrasted with the others.
First color combination test on a Silla 8 with Claudia Valsells
7 Sillas 8 is the result of a collaboration that is not normally seen in the world of art and design; it is a dialogue between disciplines that converges on a common and unlikely final point for each of the participants and, ultimately, an excuse between two professionals that ends with a good friendship.
A Frankenstein between the Salvador chair and the Silla 8