More Work
And here is a random and condensed selection of different other works done in recent years:
Valsells, 2022.
Shelving System IV Groc, 2022.
El Hombre de Sal, 2019.
Pre 8, 2018.
Bar en una botella, 2023.
Red & Green, 2022.
Otrolibro I de Otrascosas de Villar-Rosàs (2009-2012).
Ping Pong Ping, 2018.
HTH, 2020.
Muri, 2015.
Shelving System I, 2019.
Mesa Forat, 2018.
Pepa, 2021.
Ikea Vitra Vitra Ikea, 2021.
Armario Alba, 2018.
Jabalí, 2016.
Gordito, 2021.
Sabadell, 2019.
Shelving System II, 2021.
Pieza 1 HP, 2005.
Shelving System IV, 2022.
Mari, 2022.
Bonay Hello, 2015.
Rosca (Light attempt), 2016.
Bendita Mesa, 2015.
Peana Ricard, 2021.
Narrow shop, 2020.
Firma Black, 2017.
L Table, 2021.
Yellow, 2017.
Trineu FCB, 2018.
Shelving System III, 2021.
Blau, 2022.
Brown, 2021.
Boisbuchet workshop, 2023.
Sofa Port, 2018.
Mesas de Choque, 2021.
Estantería Atico, 2019.
Carabí, 2022.
Ari, 2021.
Mana Mana Lima, 2022.
Mesa DAC, 2022.
Window Panels, 2018.
Mesas Baraja, 2022.
Coeurs, 2020.
Leon, 2022.
Mesas Atico, 2019.
Red Balls, 2021.
Mesarraca, 2019.
Green Kitchen, 2019.
Mel Gibson, 2015.
Biografia Antoni Arola, 2015.
Aloha Freewall workshop, 2022.
Telmo, 2018.
Bluejey, 2015.
Mesa Gala, 2019.
My Body Office, 2021.
Grada Groga, 2022.
Taco, 2022.
Save tables, 2018.
Mesa Port, 2018.
Colgador Bolas, 2023.
Lucas, 2018.
Cama Martín, 2020.
Mesón, 2014.
Mountain, 2016.
Martín, 2020.
Marta, 2020.
Ibon Kitchen, 2018.
Mesa Elefante, 2018.
Atico Kitchen, 2019.
AOO bag, 2015.
I am a left-handed furniture designer born in 1983 on the island of Mallorca and based in Barcelona. I offer my creative and development services for commissioned and/or custom furniture for individuals, brands and companies.
As a good friend says about me: Marc’s work is not about limits or sophistication; it's about honesty and radical austerity. It's about the search for archetypes where a chair is a chair and a table is a table. Frequently, the outcome is characterized by rough pieces, each possessing a forceful and harmonious intent.
The vast majority of the photos you will see on this website are from the following photographers: José Serrano (the one who most), Jara Varela, Coke Bartrina, Claudia Mauriño, Iris Humm, Salva López and Adrià Cañameras.
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