Olmo O
Year: 2022 Available on demand, always in pairs.
Olmo is a set of stackable MDF boxes with double layers and inverted colors.
O are containers made from simple wooden structures and leather around their entire perimeter. In a way, they were a previous step before reaching Olmo.
Year: 2014 Produced by AOO from 2014 to 2019.
Cadira is a DIY chair made of solid pine, using the same wooden slat (20x60mm).
Cadireta was the little chair that came before the Cadira
Illustration by Robbie Whitehead
Casa Camper
Year: 2024, for Casa Camper.
Casa Camper is a hotel Just off La Rambla de Barcelona designed by Fernando Amat years ago.
Keeping the essence of the hotel the idea was to play mainly on the Tentempie buffet area and on a few small areas of the hotel, like the entrance or the top floor common area.
The Box trolley
The Delta table with wheels
Red in all its variants, descompositions of the Camper logo, disproportionate Manolitos, wheels and golf balls became the aim and the concept of the whole new furniture.
The Red shelving system in the Tentempie area.
The logo stool
Red Manolito Hummer Limousine
Manolito green pants XXL