Salvador and Blanes chair by Miguel Milá at Il Giardinetto
A project together with Oriol Villar from 2013 to 2020.
AOO catalogue 2016, designed by Cordova-Canillas
AOO was many things, but after all was a small and independent design company with the aim of making high-quality and honest wood furniture.
AOO Collection 2016 - 2020
Wood was the starting point for our pieces, for several reasons; for its smell, its warmth, its human scale when working with it, but above all for being the most direct material you can find in nature.
Salvador chair on the making
Miguel Milá captured by Jara Varela
Bravo stool designed by Big Game
AOO brand was designed by Raw Color
AOO collection 2015 illustrated by Klas Ernflo
AOO studio and showroom in 2017
AOO collection 2015
AOO collection 2013
From 2013 to 2016 AOO was a design company but also a shop where you could easily find things that were hard to find
Year: 2023, for Sancal.
One of the first drawings of El Tenderete
First 1:1 prototype of a module in wood
Disassembling, transportable, easy to store and reusable. With these premises and inspired by the street market stalls, improvised with fabrics, tubular structures and the scaffolding systems used in construction El Tenderete was born.
It's basically a modular exhibition system for the current and future exhibitions and installations of the brand.
The composition of 8 modules that was used for its debut at the Milan fair in 2023
1 basic module
Casa Camper
Year: 2024, for Casa Camper.
Casa Camper is a hotel Just off La Rambla de Barcelona designed by Fernando Amat years ago.
Keeping the essence of the hotel the idea was to play mainly on the Tentempie buffet area and on a few small areas of the hotel, like the entrance or the top floor common area.
The Box trolley
The Delta table with wheels
Red in all its variants, descompositions of the Camper logo, disproportionate Manolitos, wheels and golf balls became the aim and the concept of the whole new furniture.
The Red shelving system in the Tentempie area.
The logo stool
Red Manolito Hummer Limousine
Manolito green pants XXL