Year: 2020, together with Claudia Roselló and David Martí. Produced by Mobles114.
Model A
Model B
Model C
Model D
Model E
Model F
Model G
Model H
Model I
Model J
Black ceramics are obtained through the oxidation of the iron present in the clay during firing. This process is carried out by sealing the kiln once the wood combustion is finished, retaining the smoke and letting it rest for about 15 days. It is an ancient technique, practically disappeared.
Starting from this firing process, a series of pieces were designed and finished with this technique. The Foscas collection arises from the selection of molds from a rotary press and extrusions of existing basic pieces, making use of the most industrial part of the ceramic process.
Year: 2023, for Sancal.
One of the first drawings of El Tenderete
First 1:1 prototype of a module in wood
Disassembling, transportable, easy to store and reusable. With these premises and inspired by the street market stalls, improvised with fabrics, tubular structures and the scaffolding systems used in construction El Tenderete was born.
It's basically a modular exhibition system for the current and future exhibitions and installations of the brand.
The composition of 8 modules that was used for its debut at the Milan fair in 2023
1 basic module
More Work
And here is a random and condensed selection of different other works done in recent years:
Ikea Vitra Vitra Ikea, 2021.
Shelving System IV Groc, 2022.
Mari, 2022.
Ibon Kitchen, 2018.
Telmo, 2018.
Mesa Port, 2018.
Cama Martín, 2020.
Muri, 2015.
Pieza 1 HP, 2005.
Green Kitchen, 2019.
El Hombre de Sal, 2019.
My Body Office, 2021.
Leon, 2022.
Bonay Hello, 2015.
Mesa Forat, 2018.
Red & Green, 2022.
Ping Pong Ping, 2018.
Martín, 2020.
Shelving System I, 2019.
Mesarraca, 2019.
Valsells, 2022.
Firma Black, 2017.
Taco, 2022.
Coeurs, 2020.
Jabalí, 2016.
Window Panels, 2018.
Sabadell, 2019.
Mesas Baraja, 2022.
Mesas de Choque, 2021.
Aloha Freewall workshop, 2022.
Peana Ricard, 2021.
Trineu FCB, 2018.
Blau, 2022.
Mesón, 2014.
Grada Groga, 2022.
Shelving System IV, 2022.
Boisbuchet workshop, 2023.
Colgador Bolas, 2023.
Bluejey, 2015.
HTH, 2020.
Narrow shop, 2020.
Pepa, 2021.
Estantería Atico, 2019.
Lucas, 2018.
Yellow, 2017.
Mesa Gala, 2019.
Shelving System III, 2021.
Shelving System II, 2021.
Pre 8, 2018.
Mesa DAC, 2022.
Rosca (Light attempt), 2016.
Bar en una botella, 2023.
Sofa Port, 2018.
Gordito, 2021.
Mesas Atico, 2019.
Armario Alba, 2018.
Bendita Mesa, 2015.
Red Balls, 2021.
Biografia Antoni Arola, 2015.
Brown, 2021.
Mesa Elefante, 2018.
L Table, 2021.
Carabí, 2022.
Otrolibro I de Otrascosas de Villar-Rosàs (2009-2012).
AOO bag, 2015.
Mountain, 2016.
Save tables, 2018.
Ari, 2021.
Marta, 2020.
Atico Kitchen, 2019.
Mana Mana Lima, 2022.
Mel Gibson, 2015.